ICICI Net Banking Login

ICICI Net banking:

ICICI net banking or Internet banking offers numerous facilities as a result there are increasing number of registered users who consume this comfortable banking. Since their main concern is the 100% satisfaction of the client, they offer an immense facility under the name net banking. You can receive benefits of linking many accounts with a single customer ID and view your all transactions from online. You can transfer funds to another account both to the same bank account or other bank account. You can also transfer amount from your account to credit cards. The official web address of ICICI net banking is http://www.icicibank.com.


ICICI Net banking Sign Up process:

The sign up process of ICICI internet banking is easy but may need some times to process. To access the internet banking you can follow below instructions.

  • Go to www.icicibank.com. Click on the “New user register here” button.
  • Then click on the “Apply online” button.
  • You will find a registration form. Fill up the registration form with your preferred ID, code number and confirm code number.
  • After filling them the second part of form will be visible and there you should fill it with personal details.
  • Then a screen will be appearing and will request you to download. Download the page and sent it to the bank’s local branch office.
  • You will receive a password from the banks welcome page. You will also see a “Check application status”.
  • Click on the tab and put your user ID and code then press “Submit” button.
  • Now login with your password and change your all login information including password. It is recommended for your account safety.

Thus you can register your online account and can login anytime from your PC.


ICICI Net banking Login process:

The login process of ICICI Bank Internet Banking is embedded into 3 simple steps. Below are these 3 steps given for you to login easily.

1) Go to ICICI Bank’s home page or go to www.icicibank.com

2) Select Login to Internet banking option from the left corner of the bank’s home page. ( ICICI Net banking Login Page )

3) Select one category under the login tab that you want to access.

4) A new page will be opened, there click the “ Continue to Login” button.

5) Fill up your User ID option and Password option.

6) Then Click on the Log-in option.

These are simple steps which may need just a few seconds to be done.


ICICI Net banking Security options:

You can prevent your account from a fraud or scam. To prevent your account from risk you can follow below steps:

  • Check your account activity on a daily basis. If you found any fraud activities you can contact the bank’s customer manager.
  • Register with ICICI Bank Mobile banking and get alerts on all significant changes or transactions.
  • Whenever you have completed your online banking period you must ensure that you have logged off from the bank’s page.
  • Change your login ID and password number after first login attempts.