FNB Online Banking Login

FNB online Banking Login:

FNB online banking offers a great service across South Africa. It is considered the oldest bank of South Africa. To meet up the customers demand the bank has started online banking service. One can conduct his/her account through an easy process from home computer at any time that they want.

In order to view your previous transaction and manage your account, you can establish an easy banking process through FNB online banking. Using this service you can transfer any amount of other accounts and pay your bills on online.

To manage your account in your own way, you have to sign up for FNB online banking services. It is a free banking service as a result you do not have to pay any amount to register your account. You can sign up for online banking by following some instructions.

fnb online banking


FNB online banking Sign up process:

1) Write down the FNB website URL https://www.fnb.co.za/ and press on “Enroll in online banking” button which you will find in the left section.

2) Write down your bank account name, address and your checking account number.

3) Go down of “Account Information” page and enter any number that you want to have. You can choose maximum eight accounts to open. If you want to restrict your account and want to view only, then you can press “Full Access” button.

4) Enter your account description in the text box on the right side of the page. As for example, select any of your account types like: checking account, saving account, money marketing, and Credit or loan section.

5) Finally press the “Submit” button. Make sure that you have not missed any information. If you fill up the account information page with the correct information, then you can see a confirmation message given by the bank authority. Thus you can complete FNB online banking registration process.


FNB internet banking login:

If you have registered before for FNB online banking, you can manage your account at any time that you want by logging to this site page. Logging to the banks main page is an easy process. You don’t have to wait much to access your account. Just visit bank website: https://www.fnb.co.za/ and enter your User ID and your password then click the login button. Thus you can enter in your account page.


FNB Online banking Security tips:

FNB maintains their security strictly as they want to ensure the safety of your money. In order to keep safe your account you can see some security tips from here:

  • Do not give your mobile banking if anyone asks you to give it via email, SMS or by calling to you.
  • Do not share your mobile banking PIN number to anyone even he or she is the employee of the bank.
  • Do not logging from an insecure URL link. As for example do not enter into the sites which address starts with http. Always enter from the link which includes https with bank URL.
  • Do not reply to any email which asks you to enter your banking information including Account ID, password or PIN number.